Kylie Jenner removes daughter Stormi from Instagram

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Kylie Jenner removes daughter Stormi from Instagram

The snap depicts a make-up free Kylie cuddling Stormi, whose dark-curled head is mostly out of shot, with the caption: "i spy with my little eye...".

The reality TV star shared a photo of herself on Sunday, in which it is obvious that she has cropped Stormi out.

Kylie has also deleted any previously uploaded pictures that showed Stormi's face, meaning only a few now remain that only give a glimpse at the baby girl, including the name reveal and the beauty mogul pushing a designer Fendi buggy.

Kylie Jenner has shocked fans by deleting all picture featuring her daughter's face from her Instagram feed.

It's not yet known why Kylie has chose to limit what she shares online regarding her daughter, but this isn't the first time she has opted to restrict what's posted on Instagram.

See some recent examples of Kylie's photos with Stormi below...

Another photo of Jenner celebrating Stormi's first month is still on the platform too.

After Stormi was born, Jenner used social media to explain her absence, writing that she never purposefully tried to deceive her fans and that she stayed silent in order to experience her pregnancy in private. Jenner responded by saying, "Yeah I cut my baby out".

Kylie's bold statement has naturally caused fans to wonder what caused her drastic decision to remove her daughter from her Instagram feed. She really isn't showing pics of Stormi anymore.

"I knew for myself i needed to prepare for this role of a lifetime in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way i knew how. there was no gotcha moment, no big paid reveal i had planned".

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