Life Is Strange Spin-Off Captain Spirit Coming Later This Month For Free

The Awesome Adventures Of Captain Spirit Arrives June 26, 2018 (Update)

Captain Spirit is a new Life is Strange spin-off that you can play for free later this month

The game is completely free, coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on June 26. On top of that, Eurogamer's report suggests that "some choices in Captain Spirit will carry over and have consequences in Life is unusual 2". It is an adventure called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. The game's creative directors said in a video that the game represents the "first steps" into the world of Life is odd 2. Well, while that title is in development, the team will first be joining forces with publisher Square Enix to release a self-contained "narrative Life is odd experience".

Players will be able to assume the role of 10-year old boy Chris who dreams of becoming a superhero.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit follows an imaginative young boy living alone with his father. With Captain Spirit, we'll get our first taste of what Dontnod meant with that statement. Apprently set within the Life is odd universe, the game sees you playing as Chris and his heroic alter-ego Captain Spirit. There are "links" to stories and details from Life is unusual 2, the directors teased. Maybe we'll be introduced to the Life is unusual protagonist (s).

It's also worth noting that Captain Spirit's release date is later this month, on June 26, and it'll be completely free on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 - and you don't even need to own any Life is odd games to take advantage of that offer.

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