Skyrim Very Special Edition Is Real and You Can Download It Now

Keegan-Michael Key plays Skyrim on an Echo, pager and fridge

Skyrim isn't coming to Alexa...but this makes us wish it was

Skyrim has been ported to many devices and Bethesda took a few minutes out during their E3 show to make a nice little joke about it, announcing Skyrim for Alexa, pagers, and fridges.

"Now, Skyrim looks to the future for its ultimate version", the announcer said in the video. Instead of marching through Tamriel through your Switch or PS4, Very Special Edition lets you play the game through your personal assistant, Alexa. You don't even need to install it as an Alexa skill.

Bethesda was poking fun at itself for releasing Skyrim on so many different consoles over the years and created a trailer for Skyrim on the Amazon Alexa.

But after the announcement, it looks like Bethesda had the last laugh. Clearly Skyrim: Very Special Edition is far, far too lovely for this ugly world of ours.

It's not clear if this is really the full game, but it's still pretty remarkable that Bethesda did it. Through the Amazon store app on iOS, or the Amazon Alexa app on Android, you can click the Alexa icon and just ask her to open Skyrim. The gameplay appears to hearken back to text-based MUD and table-top role-playing games, with Alexa serving as the dungeon-master with prompts like "a mudcrab scuttles towards you", to which the player responds by giving voice commands like "use shout". Amazon Alexa owners have since realized the game does exist and can be played right now on the device.

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