The 'Biggest Health Care News of the Year'

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In a letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan explaining the administration's decision, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions cited the Justice Department's "longstanding tradition" of defending the constitutionality of federal laws "if reasonable arguments can be made in their defense". "No matter what Washington spin Bob Casey puts on it, the fact remains access to care got worse and costs skyrocketed early in the Obama Administration due to the disastrous law Casey supported".

Texas and other Republican-led states, including Utah, sued in February to strike down the entire law because Congress recently repealed a provision that people without health insurance must pay a fine.

The Justice Department said that also nullified two other major provisions of Obamacare linked to the individual mandate, including one barring insurance companies from denying coverage to people with preexisting conditions.

"The American public widely supports retaining protections for pre-existing conditions". While the subsidies would not go away, it is unclear how their amount would be determined if insurers could return to the days before the law of charging higher prices to people with previous medical conditions - or refusing to cover them at all.More recently, the administration is in the midst of rewriting federal rules to make it easier for people to buy two types of insurance that are relatively cheap because they bypass the ACA's requirements for benefits that health plans sold to individuals and small business must include. Even if the ACA were to disappear under Republican control, at least a promise to maintain pre-existing condition care would keep their options open. That's because insurers already expected the Trump administration would not defend the ACA - and they know that a resolution of the case will be years away, says industry consultant Robert Laszewski.

"This suit comes as insurers are proposing individual market premiums for 2019". These marketplaces have had their troubles - with many commercial insurers defecting and prices spiking - but their basic contours have remained intact.

In a legal filing Thursday night, the Department of Justice said that key parts of Obamacare should be invalidated and that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. "It's a cornerstone of what they do", he says.

What are the ramifications of the Trump administration making these arguments? They're civil servants. They're good soldiers. They're not political. They are good soldiers.

And though the federal government will apparently no longer defend a pillar of the law, a group of left-leaning states have stepped in to back it in court. "They believed they could not in good conscience, consistent with their professional obligations, sign the brief". This policy change would jeopardize coverage not just for consumers in the individual market, but also people with preexisting conditions who have employer-sponsored coverage. Not only is the individual mandate now unlawful, but this core provision is not severable from the rest of the ACA.

Margaret Murray, the chief executive of the Association for Community Affiliated Plans, which represents plans for low-income and vulnerable populations, said that anyone who has bought individual insurance "and has had so much as a case of asthma in their past should be deeply unsettled by the choices this administration has made".

The mandate in Obamacare was meant to ensure a viable health insurance market by forcing younger and healthier Americans to buy coverage.

Texas and the accompanying states have asked for a preliminary injunction that could suspend the entire law while the case plays out in court.

Becerra is leading an effort by Democratic attorney generals from others states and the District of Columbia to defend the ACA against that lawsuit.

Trump and fellow Republicans in Congress have sought to dismantle Obamacare, which sought to expand insurance coverage to more Americans. "I'm astounded, and it's not only recklessness on lots of scores in terms of the legal reasoning", said Rep. Gerald Connolly, D-Va.

Defenders of Obamacare view this move by the Republicans as just the latest in a plot to undermine the monumental legislation however they can since they lack the necessary votes in Congress to repeal it officially. Jost wrote that "is hard to escape the conclusion that the brief is an attempt to use the courts to do what Congress was unwilling to do: repeal major consumer protections of the ACA". "I think that's a pretty essential pact with the American people", said MacArthur. "Congress needs to work in a bipartisan manner to develop a solution that covers pre-existing conditions and makes health care more affordable and accessible for every American".

"There is no doubt that Republicans are responsible for the rising cost of healthcare premiums and the high likelihood that many will no longer be able to afford basic care at all, and they will face serious blowback in the midterms", the House Democrats' campaign operation said in a statement.

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