Theresa May reveals she has never watched Love Island

Theresa May reveals she has never watched Love Island

Theresa May reveals she has never watched Love Island

Last night Kendall and Adam's three-day-long reality TV constructed romance came to an abrupt end after he savagely dumped her - all so he can crack onto new girl and outside-the-show lawyer Rosie.

But they believe that Adam Collard will recouple with newcomer Rosie Williams, leaving Kendall Rae Knight on her own.

She admitted: "I am a little bit gutted to be the first one out".

Adam said: 'I'm not complaining about taking it slow but what I'm saying is you're cuddling us and stuff in bed, but then when I come up and have a chat with you, you pull away.

"For recoupling Laura will go with Wes then Adam with Rosie then Dannie with jack, Eyal with Kendall Samira with Doc and Georgia with Niall which means.bye-bye Hayley!"

"I think the next day or so I'll see where that's at but I can't deal with that much insecurity there's only so far you can go..." We were both attracted to each other. If I saw him on the outside, of course I would say hello and be polite.

"He was definitely my type, though". "I would hope Alex would find someone, and it would be so nice to see him get to the final".

When asked who she thought would eventually win the ITV2 series, Kendall predicted that salesman Jack Fincham and barmaid Dani Dyer (the daughter of EastEnders actor Danny Dyer) were in with a shout. But over the past couple of days, they have seemed really close.

Right, you might have clicked onto this article because you are a huge Love Island fan and will literally read anything about it.

Look, we get it, they're a gorgeous looking bunch of girls, but jaysus ladies, read a newspaper once in a while. If people aren't talking about it, they're tweeting about it and well, it's kind of driving us to an early grave.

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