Unravel Two Brings Co-Op to Puzzle Platformer, Available Now

Unravel 2 Leaked Ahead Of EA Play 2018, Coming To PS4, Xbox One

Unravel 2 leaked ahead of EA’s E3 show after ESRB rating spotted

At EA's "EA Play" event at E3 in Los Angeles, California today, Martin Stahlin of Coldwood Studios, developers of both Unravel and Unravel Two, introduced and spoke about their sequel.

You can play this game in co-op with a friend or in single-player mode. This allows you to split apart into Two characters and solve puzzles to overcome obstacles, and you need to do this to progress.

Unravel Two is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 for $19.99. Critics praised it for its charming visuals and adorable Yarny mascot, but many felt the platforming was a bit lacking. You'll be able to customize your Yarny with different heads, bodies, colors of yarn, and eyes.

This means if you're a fan of the game coming to the Switch there's still reason to have hope. They come in color red and blue but you can change their appearance according to your likeness. For more on what EA had to offer at their EA Play press conference at E3 2018, check out Command and Conquer Rivals, a mobile twist on an RTS favorite.

To further blow us away, Unravel 2 is now available on all the major marketplaces, and will take some time to appear in your marketplace. Players will be able to play co-op with themselves, which is interesting. Will you be picking up Unravel Two? The image hinted at two-player co-op implementation for the sequel while the original was an entirely single-player adventure.

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