Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition pre-orders now live at Amazon

Meanwhile, in the physical world, Bethesda is offering the Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 that includes a glow-in-the-dark map, a branded gym bag and a lifesize helmet.

Fallout 76 will feature six regions spread across West Virginia, each one offering a wealth of risks and rewards. You can check out the official E3 trailer below as well as one for the game's Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition.

According to the fresh trailer and information provided by Bethesda, Fallout 76 is set on Reclamation Day, 2102, twenty five years after the bombs fell, you will emerge from Vault 76. At the writing of this report, the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition for PC is sold out everywhere. This means the other people you experience while playing aren't NPCs. The Fallout 76 regular release is on sale for $47.99 on Amazon.

Bethesda Director and Executive Producer Todd Howard revealed details for the upcoming game at the 2018 Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, held at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

For those who missed the conference, Fallout 76 is a multiplayer survival game that allows dozens of players to inhabit one world.

After a fantastic Skyrim sketch making fun of how many times the game has been ported to different devices, Todd Howard introduced Fallout 76. Co-operative gameplay is encouraged to strategically take down enemy monsters, craft intricate bases and fend off hostile players in a traditional player-versus-player environment.

When does Fallout 76 come out?

. Howard cheekily stated, "I've read on the internet that our games have had a few bugs", referring to how a lot of Bethesda's games have launched alongside a heap of bugs. True, we don't know quite when the beta will start, but with Fallout 76 launching on November 14, 2018, it surely can't be too far away. As Fallout 4 is a huge open world sandbox where you can go and do just about anything, these encounters can turn deadly in an instant.

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