Microsoft Investing in ‘State of Decay’ Studio Undead Labs

Microsoft kicked off its E3 2018 press conference with a small teaser for the next Halo, called Halo Infinite.

Outside of the renewed focus on Master Chief, relatively little is known about the game's storyline and details, with the reveal trailer of the game being more focused on the landscape than characters or plot.

Developer 343 Industries has revealed more information regarding the development of Halo Infinite, and the Slipspace Engine. The "flighting program" will be similar to one used in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. In a blog post, 343 said that all of the scenes in the Halo Infinite trailer were running in the engine.

"We're increasing our investment in existing franchises that you already love", said Phil Spencer, who heads Microsoft's Xbox unit.

As Polygon reports, away from games Microsoft made two significant announcements. Microsoft is all about planning for the future and it's doing so in a way that Ubisoft and EA are both keen at tapping: streaming games. And even though Microsoft has been scaling back its consumer-market presence, games continue to be a big driver in the mobile and PC markets. Most excitingly, a lengthy trailer was shown for 2019's Gears 5. The game releases with special enhancements for Xbox One X. However, the multiplayer part of the game will purportedly release in 2020, which is a year later.

Microsoft also introduced new innovations to push digital gaming forward, including FastStart, an innovation from Microsoft's Machine Learning Team, and plans from Microsoft's Gaming Cloud Team to develop a game streaming service to unlock console-quality gaming on any device.

Studio acquisitions include the US-based Undead Labs (known for State of Decay), the UK-based Playground Games and Ninja Theory (known for the Forza Horizon series and Hellblade respectively), and the Canadian-based Compulsion Games. Xbox Game Pass will also feature a new FastStart system.

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