Potcoin Sponsors Dennis Rodman’s Singapore Visit During Summit Talks

Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman

Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman

As US president Donald Trump met North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore on Tuesday, news network CNN got itself a coup: Its anchor Chris Cuomo interviewed Dennis Rodman, former American basketball player and close confidante of the reclusive Kim.

Trump said last week that Rodman had not been invited to the summit.

Moments after President Trump and the North Korean leader signed documents outlining their framework for future peace talks, the basketball great - who traveled to Singapore for the historic summit - called Kim "a great guy". Today is a great day for everybody, Singapore, Tokyo, China, everybody ... it's a great day.

"I didn't have no one to see me. I'm so happy", wiping away tears from beneath a large pair of black sunglasses. "I couldn't even go home ... Glad I fired him on Apprentice!".

"I'm out of it".

"I was sitting up, protecting everything and when I came home I couldn't even go home".

His advice to Mr Trump was for him to go into the one-on-one meeting with his "heart on the table".

Rodman went on to say that he took so much criticism from a controversial 2014 trip to the Hermit Kingdom, that he gets weepy even thinking about it. Rodman sang "Happy Birthday" at the time to Kim and seemed unaware of that nation's terrible human rights record. "He thanks you a lot.' And that means a lot", said Rodman.

"But I kept my head up high brother, I knew things were going to change", he continued. Kept going back. I showed my loyalty and my trustworthiness to this country. I had no one to hear me, no one to see me, but I knew it.

"I tried to do that with Obama and Obama didn't even give me the time of day", he told CNN, wearing one of the "Make America great again" hats of the Trump campaign.

He also revealed that a White House staffer called him to say Mr Trump was proud of him. Rodman is not at the summit in any official capacity, invited by neither the U.S. nor the North Korean delegations. "I said to everybody, the door will open", he said.

But, somehow, one of the biggest talking points to come out of the historical meeting is former pro basketballer Dennis Rodman crying during an interview on CNN.

Rodman first visited North Korea in 2013 when he toured the country with the Harlem Globetrotters.

Trump felt he didn't need to do a lot of prep, because of his own nature, but also because Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and the President of South Korea had already met with Kim multiple times.

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