Searchers find body of woman attacked by gator in Florida

Human Arm Found Inside Alligator That Attacked Missing Florida Woman

Searchers find body of woman attacked by gator in Florida

An alligator warning was issued to residents of a South Florida homeowners association two days before a 47-year-old woman was attacked and killed by an alligator, according to a report.

One had a fresh wound on its side, they noticed, so they alerted authorities.

The warning came just after a 6-foot alligator was found near a resident's front door.

It's unclear if Matsuki ever received or read that message, or if it had encouraged her to put her dogs in the auto and take them for a walk at a spot farther from home.

Law enforcement officers gather at the entrance of Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park (Picture: AP) Her body was found by a diver (Picture: AP) Alligators are opportunistic feeders that will eat what is readily available and easily overpowered. Broward County Animal Control and Adoption Agency said that they had taken custody of the dogs.

"This tragedy is heartbreaking for everyone involved, and our honest condolences go out to the family and friends of the victim at this time", Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Rob Klepper told KPLG-TV.

"It's not uncommon for her to go there", neighbor Peter Limia told the Sun Sentinel.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Saturday it will be "conducting a thorough investigation into this incident".

One thing hampering the search is divers can't go into the water until the alligator is captured, Engle said.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife, the state has averaged five unprovoked alligator bites yearly since 1948.

Local residents also told the newspaper that they had complained about alligators in the park, with some even explaining that they had lost pets that wandered too close to the lake.

In a well-publicized attack in June 2016, a 2-year-old boy died after an alligator pulled him into a lagoon near a Walt Disney World hotel.

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