Switch Gets Super Mario Party in October

Nintendo @ E3 2018

Switch Gets Super Mario Party in October

It's the first Mario Party console game since Mario Party 10 debuted on the Wii U in 2015. The mini-games look like a lot of fun and if you want a game to play with your friends, Super Mario Party could be ideal on the Nintendo Switch. In particular, the new party sequel Super Mario Party looks quite familiar to anybody who's played that series before, only with a particularly insane trick: a way to connect multiple Switch systems together so that gameplay from one screen extends to another.

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It appears you'll be able to modularly connect at least two Nintendo Switch consoles to expand the size of the screen you're working with. Once the field is set, the game begins, and players can move their characters between both Switches like it was one large screen.

Ridley has also been confirmed for the game as a playable character.

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Once again, the game will be a mix of minigames and boards, unlike the previous release, Mario Party: The Top 100.

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