Kyrie Irving on free agency: Boston Celtics' organization has 'consistency,' 'authenticity'

ImageKyrie Irving with the ball as Uncle Drew in the movie of the same

ImageKyrie Irving with the ball as Uncle Drew in the movie of the same

"I don't really think for him the basketball decision of saying 'oh, let me go team up with three All-Stars, ' I think at this point in his life it's more so of a lifestyle thing, you know, 'where my family going to be the most comfortable at?"

Celtics All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving said Tuesday that a contract extension this summer doesn't make sense for him and that while he's already bracing for the daily questions about his future, his sole focus is on getting healthy for next season and helping Boston take another step toward title contention.

"I'm just glad everyone got to learn how special they were on a bigger stage", Irving said. "For me, it's my job to just stay present". "We all have come from being the best player, or one of them, at a certain time and place, and we want to showcase that".

Later, Irving added, "The focus is exclusively on winning a championship next year".

"I think it's only natural to think about [if Irving was still here]". Those are the questions the Celtics hope to answer next season, when Irving returns to Boston's young and exciting roster.

Talking about his future with the Celtics, Irving, unsurprisingly, said he doesn't plan to sign an extension with the team this summer, which he's eligible to do. Really integrating myself with our team again and really focus on winning a championship.

In the meantime, he's wondering what the Celtics will look like when Hayward joins Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and the gang. "I'm pretty sure management and I will have a talk, but that talk won't happen now".

Irving was a key part of Boston's season, where they finished with the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.

"It was going to be a process coming back", he said.

There's recently been some chatter about whether LeBron James could consider joining the Boston Celtics once he opts out of his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers and becomes a free agent this offseason.

Technically, that would mean that Hayward could act as valuable trade bait for the Celtics if the need came up, but would Danny Ainge be so cruel as to trade away a player who only played 5 minutes all season, and broke his leg doing it?

"I think you guys can feel my attitude is really just redemption next year", Irving said. "Me and my strength and conditioning coach, we're taking it one day at a time".

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