This Raccoon Climbing A Skyscraper Has Everyone Really Stressed Out

By Tuesday afternoon, it was up to the 23rd floor.

A raccoon's journey up the side of a St. Paul, Minnesota, skyscraper Tuesday caught the interest of nervous onlookers and may others on social media.

Just before 3:30 Central time, the raccoon climbed up another story, then settled for another rest on a window ledge.

Many people followed the raccoon's adventures and half a dozen Twitter accounts purporting to represent the animal were launched.

As the U.S. slept, a small raccoon who first captured the attention of Minnesota, and then the world, did something remarkable. A maintenance crew tried to offer it an escape route, but the creature - that likely hasn't had water or food for two days - fled to a second building and finally to the UBS skyscraper.

It moved to the neighbouring UBS Tower, and started climbing up, not down.

The nimble little fella climbed 23 floors - about 60m - up the UBS Tower in Saint Paul, panicking thousands of onlookers who were following the situation on Twitter.

The raccoon also has its own Twitter account, with one tweet saying, "I made a big mistake".

Today, it's all about a racoon who scaled an office building in Minnesota, US. St. Paul Animal Control believed it may have been there all night before it started heading skyward. "We're hoping it gets to the top so we can set a trap for it there".

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