Ewan McGregor to star in Shining sequel, Doctor Sleep

Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor

The actor has been cast as adult Danny Torrance in "Doctor Sleep", Variety confirms.

Mike Flanagan, who directed Netflix's adaptation of Stephen King's novella Gerald's Game, will be behind the camera as director.

McGregor has had a pretty distinguished acting career, appearing in over 50 titles including films like Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, and Star Wars Episodes I through III; now he'll reportedly be adding The Shining sequel to that list.

Published 36 years after The Shining, Doctor Sleep follows an adult Danny Torrance from the original novel. It would be another 33 years before a follow-up was published, following Dan Torrance as he continues to deal with his "shining" powers as well as the alcoholism and rage that he inherited from his father. Danny now works in a hospice care facility, where he uses his abilities to help take care of patients on their way to the grave, which prompts the nickname "Doctor Sleep".

The big screen version of Stephen King's horror novel It was a huge box office hit last summer. But after forging a bond with a young girl who also possess the same power, Danny discovers that there are bad people out there with similar gifts - and they want the girl dead. They've found that their powers grow if they inhale the "steam" that comes off others with the power to shine, when they are suffering painful deaths.

McGregor can next be seen in Disney's "Winnie the Pooh" adaptation "Christopher Robin".

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