Google Home can now handle three voice requests in one go

Google Home Can Now Perform Up to Three Commands Simultaneously

Google Home can now handle three voice requests in one go

Previously, Google Home only supported two queries at a time.

Google made this announcement on its Made By Google Twitter page, and at the time of publication, it's rolling out to users across the United States.

Since we're likely looking at a staged roll-out here, you may not yet be able to chain three commands together on your Google Home, but the feature should go live for everyone in the coming days. The company confirmed today that Google Home is now capable of performing up to three queries at a time. Either way, once you offer the prompt and Assistant starts listening, you can ask the digital personal assistant to tell you the weather, start playing some music, and ask about your commute.

Not specified in the original tweet, but added in a follow-up, Google also notes that this feature is available in English only and only in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

According to Android Police, queries can now be spoken more naturally.

For instance, suppose you want to turn on your TV and light, then all you need to say "turn on my living room TV and light". For example, you had to say "turn on my living room TV and turn on my Living room light".

This meant you didn't have to keep saying "Ok, Google" with each individual command, making everything a bit more streamlined.

With this latest firmware update, though, Google can intelligently recognize these commands.

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