Santa Monica Studios brings a New Game+ mode to God of War

God of War's New Game+ Mode Will Allow you to Retain All Equipment and Upgrades

E3 2018: New Game + Coming to God of War

Announced as part of Sony's E3 media briefing last night, God of War is getting a New Game Plus mode. With new images, Sony revealed more information about the new mode.

Even though it has just released at the time of publishing, players are already looking ahead and wondering if there is a God of War New Game Plus mode.

No specific release date was detailed yet for the release of New Game+, but Sony stated that it will be made available in an update "at a later date". As of right now if you want to start a new game no progress carries over from previous playthroughs. The New Game+ Mode is now being developed and it's unclear precisely when it's going to be released for God of War. "New Game+ will, as you'd also expect, offer a much sterner challenge compared to your first adventure".

I still need to clear that beefy post-game content! Unfortunately, the company didn't provide an exact date, so fans should keep an eye out for any announcements from Sony.

However, that isn't to say that without a God of War New Game Plus mode, there is no longevity to the game.

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