SNP MPs walk out of PMQs in protest over Brexit debate

Media playback is unsupported on your device                  Media captionSNP MPs walk out of PMQs in Commons

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionSNP MPs walk out of PMQs in Commons

Ian Blackford dismissed suggestions the move was a stunt and insisted he had a right to highlight the "outrageous" actions of Theresa May's Government over Brexit.

Mr Lewis said: "It was quite a dramatic PMQs and it seems like she stole the show after the SNP because the Speaker called her out basically and said what a well-behaved baby".

Most Scottish lawmakers are unhappy at a clause in the European Union withdrawal bill that temporarily restricts the Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh assembly's powers, leaving them in the hands of the United Kingdom government while the rules governing Britain after Brexit are redrawn.

Holyrood had previously voted against granting formal consent to the bill, with Labour, Green and Lib Dem MSPs uniting with the SNP to outvote the Conservatives.

He used the parliamentary procedure to ensure the will of the Scottish Parliament is respected and that Brexit legislation pauses until the Scottish Parliament's motion is considered as the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Blackford replied: "The reality of the situation is that powers enshrined under the Scotland Act in 1998 are being grabbed back by this Parliament".

He was banned for the day after he tried to force the Commons to sit in private as he expressed outrage at the amount of time given to MPs to debate devolved issues relating to Brexit.

Mr Blackford added: "I will make sure that we can frustrate as much as we possibly can what the government are doing".

Speaking to the BBC's Good Morning Scotland programme, Mr Blackford said his party at Westminster and Scottish government in Edinburgh would mount a "very robust defence of our parliamentary democracy, our parliamentary sovereignty and the rights of the Scottish people".

"Let's be under no illusion - this is a constitutional crisis", he said.

"We will remain civil, we will remain polite, we will remain courteous". This complete contempt is what the Scottish people are up against.

"We are now in different territory".

Mr Blackford was angered after time ran out for debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill on Tuesday night.

Scottish Secretary David Mundell said the SNP was about to be granted a debate on the devolution aspects of the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Blackford then took a stand, by refusing to sit down.

Mr Bercow said it would be better to deal with the issue at the end of the question session.

He added: "Disappointed, if not surprised, that if they really felt so strongly about it, they chose a stunt over holding the Government to account".

It is a power grab and the MPs from Scotland were not given even the courtesy of debating it last night.

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