Volvo confirms 'Polestar Engineered' upgrade for new S60

Volvo confirms 'Polestar Engineered' upgrade for new S60

Volvo confirms 'Polestar Engineered' upgrade for new S60

Under the tag of "Polestar Engineered', Volvo will roll out the upgrades alongside its all-new S60 saloon next week, with the same elements appearing on the V60 and XC60 T8 models later in the year".

The S60 T8 Twin Engine Polestar Engineered, as it is called, will sit above the regular T8 Twin Engine variant of the new S60, which is due for reveal next week but was leaked online last month.

However, judging by the recent release of the S60 T8 Polestar Engineered, it might be more accurate to say that "electrification" is the future of Volvo.

Volvo promises to add lighter wheels that give on-lookers a view of the gold-painted Brembo brake calipers. Tweaks to the latter will hike the peak outputs of the S60's 2,0-litre electrified T8 Twin Engine to 309 kW and 670 N.m, with Volvo furthermore claiming an improvement in fuel consumption.

The announcement comes one week before the company will reveal its new S60 premium sports sedan at the inauguration of its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Charleston, South Carolina. Instead there will be upgrades offered under the Polestar Engineered label.

With Polestar Engineered, various aspects of the vehicle like the wheels, brakes, suspension and engine control unit are improved using Polestar's performance engineering expertise. The brake pads have increased heat tolerance while the brake discs' slotted design further improves heat reduction.

That all sounds good, except for gold being the new hallmark color. But these new Polestar Engineered models are just the first step in Volvo one day finally rivalling brands such as BMW M and AMG, as full-fat Polestar models will likely hit even harder on the electrified sports vehicle drum.

Additionally, new lightweight wheels reduce unsprung mass, while chrome exhaust tailpipes and gold-coloured seatbelts emphasise the car's Polestar links.

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