Trump Says DOJ Conclusion ‘Ridiculous,’ Claims ‘Total Bias’

FBI Director James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington before the House Oversight Committee

Trump Says DOJ Conclusion ‘Ridiculous,’ Claims ‘Total Bias’

That's one conclusion of the Justice Department inspector general's report on the FBI's conduct in investigating Hillary Clinton's use of a private server for official and sensitive email.

"We found no evidence that the conclusions by the prosecutors were affected by bias, or other improper considerations", the report said, according to the source. Although Horowitz criticized the very public way that Comey handled the probe, the inspector general concluded that the investigation itself - and the ultimate recommendation not to charge Clinton - were sound.

Concerned about the "appearance that former President Clinton was influencing" the probe, Lynch began talking to her staff the next morning about possibly recusing herself from overseeing the investigation, the report says.

He also blasted the "false equivalence" the OIG placed between the FBI's Russian Federation probe and the reopening of the Clinton email investigation. Comey informed Congress of the new evidence just days before the election. But the report also noted that Strzok was not the sole decision-maker and that he and Page sometimes advocated for more aggressive investigative steps than others in the Clinton investigation.

Trump, who had praised the relaunch of the probe on the even of the election, a year ago cited Comey's handling of the investigation when he abruptly dismissed him as FBI director.

The US Justice Department's watchdog has finally weighed in on the FBI's handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation and nobody comes out looking good.

But in October 2016, less than two weeks before Election Day, Mr Comey sent members of Congress a letter disclosing that the probe was being reopened after new emails were found on the computer of the husband of top Mrs Clinton aide Huma Abedin.

But Comey and the Federal Bureau of Investigation were heavily faulted, with Comey, a strong critic of Trump, seen as repeatedly skirting agency rules and procedures, and two Federal Bureau of Investigation agents under him showing in personal messages a "willingness to take official action to impact" Trump's chances in the election.

Agents are permitted to vote and have political preferences, but investigators asked whether the messages showed bias that could harm the "integrity" of the Clinton probe.

"No, he won't. We'll stop it", the agent wrote back.

The inspector general, however, noted that he did not find Comey's actions to be motivated by any political leanings, Bloomberg reported. "You know it's amusing when you see the fake news, and you guys aren't fake but, I signed an agreement where we get everything, everything, but they say Trump lost because he agreed to meet", Trump said.

"What you'll really see is bias against me and against tens of millions of my followers". Comey was "insubordinate" for failing to clear his public remarks about the case with the Justice Department. The report says the attorney left that investigation in late February 2018, shortly after the inspector general provided Mueller with some of the instant messages they had discovered.

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