Gmail for iOS just got a big notifications upgrade

Gmail priority notifications iOS

Only the emails that matter most will send you

Enabling this feature is pretty simple - all you need to do is head into settings menu of your Gmail app and then select "high priority only" from the notifications drop-down.

By leveraging Google's machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, Gmail can now identify the messages that are most important to you.

"Notifications are only useful if you have time to read them-and if you're being notified hundreds of times a day, chances are, you don't", Google wrote in a blog post. The truth is not all emails are important-as a matter of fact, the more annoying ones find their way in to your inbox every day.

Google has been going big on machine learning and material design lately in most of its apps.

This feature is part of the massive new Gmail redesign announced a few months ago that promised to introduce new capabilities to its smartphone apps - an updated desktop Gmail recently became available and will have no opt-out option by the end of this year. The snooze button allows users to put off an email that they'd like to get back to later. The sent link leaves your mailbox from where the recipient is able to access it via his Gmail account or another email service. The payment system is available to anyone with an email address. Perhaps, we could yet see this feature added to the Gmail app in no-distant future. This kind of Artificial intelligence in Gmail will also recommend users the situation when they should unsubscribe from mailing lists based on cues which shows about how many emails the user receives from a sender and how many of them were actually read by the user.

If it works the way it has been claimed, at least I will be a happy user.

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