Play Fortnite For Free on Your Nintendo Switch Right Now

Play Fortnite For Free on Your Nintendo Switch Right Now

Play Fortnite For Free on Your Nintendo Switch Right Now

Epic Games PR manager Nick Chester confirmed the lack of cross-compatibility with PlayStation 4 on Twitter shortly after the Switch version of Fortnite was announced, and the onslaught of negative reactions to the news poured in after.

Nintendo announced at E3 on Tuesday that the world's favorite video game, "Fortnite: Battle Royale", will finally be available on the Nintendo Switch starting today.

First, the Switch version of the game will support cross-platform play with players on Apple iOS, Mac, Windows PC and Xbox One, but not PlayStation 4.

The rumors were true: Fortnite has arrived on the Nintendo Switch! The studio published a blog post a few weeks ago detailing what the future of the game holds, which you can find right here.

A spin-off from the original game, the newly developed Fortnite Battle Royale was released a year ago in September. Theories suggest that the issue is tied to Sony's steadfast refusal to support crossplay, but there's no official word from Epic or Sony on the cause just yet. The $100,000,000 will be split between many events at different levels of competitions.

Regarding the graphics, PUBG's world is fairly realistic, compared to the very colorful environment from Fortnite.

In Battle Royale mode, a single battleground hosts up to 100 players as they drop in and kill each other to become the last player standing. It will not be selling franchises or teams and won't be allowing third-parties to do so. The World Cup will focus on Solo and Duo plays but there might be something for Squads too.

Epic Games hasn't said anything publicly about revenue from "Fortnite". Also, the no-blood feature from Fortnite might gain some points for this game.

This is fantastic for gamers who would love to take their Fortnite experience on the go.

If you haven't heard of Fortnite by now, you either have no kids or you've been living under a rock.

If you don't already have an Epic Games account, you should sign-up by going to the Epic Games website.

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