Kellyanne Conway Admits 'Nobody Likes' Trump's Immigration Policy

Kellyanne Conway Admits 'Nobody Likes' Trump's Immigration Policy

Kellyanne Conway Admits 'Nobody Likes' Trump's Immigration Policy

Some Trump administration officials have admitted the policy is aimed at deterring would-be undocumented immigrants or asylum seekers from attempting to cross into the USA out of fear that they will be separated from their children.

Melania Trump, 48, issued a rare statement through her spokeswoman on June 17 that expressed her devastation over the current national crisis regarding immigrant children getting taken away from their parents at the American borders and it reflected a lot of compassion due to her own experience as an immigrant.

The idea of such a legislative solution earned the endorsement even of President Trump's lawyer Rudolph W. Giuliani, who said Sunday on CBS News's "Face the Nation" that he thought Attorney General Jeff Sessions was "not giving the president the best advice" on how to handle the situation.

The Associated Press reported last week that about 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the us and Mexican border during a six-week period in a crackdown on illegal entries according to Department of Home Security figures. "You need 60 votes".

"He's following laws, very simply, that were given to us and forced upon us by the Democrats", Trump said.

President Trump on Saturday doubled down on his tough rhetoric on MS-13 gang members, while accusing Democrats of "protecting" members of the violent gang as they "push for open borders".

So when the administration decides that it won't defend the duly passed law known as the Affordable Care Act in court, that's just a policy decision, based on the principle that people with pre-existing conditions don't deserve guaranteed health coverage. But no law requires families to necessarily be separated at the border.

The girl had been taken from her mother the night before and brought to this shelter that had been redecorated for children under age 12, Kraft said staffers told her. But if parents in the United States are jailed, their children are split from them because the children are not themselves charged with a crime.

Some immigration campaigners have claimed women are being separated from infants, an allegation that U.S. officials have denied.

Technically, Nielsen's correct: families are separated not at the US-Mexico border, but near the border, at a sorting centre. Rev. Franklin Graham, who's typically a Trump ally, told Christian Broadcasting Network that it's "disgraceful, it's bad, to see families ripped apart, and I don't support that one bit".

"Nor is it a location that has adequate numbers of counselors or therapists to assist these children", she said. Because the law severely limits how long the feds can detain the children, immigration officials on the ground then have no choice but to break up the families. They are fleeing violence and persecution, and he doesn't see that changing even if the government deports parents.

Some moderate Republicans have also called on Trump to stop the separations.

On Friday, Trump hinted in a tweet that the policy is intended as political leverage to force Democratic lawmakers to agree to changes to immigration law containing elements they oppose, including the construction of a wall on the US-Mexico border. None of those laws or precedents mean that children must be taken away from their parents. "It's zero tolerance. I don't think you have to justify it", Bannon, who was also CEO of Trump's presidential campaign, said to ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl in an exclusive interview on "This Week" Sunday.

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