Cavs Won't Know LeBron James' Decision By the NBA Draft

LeBron James doesn't need to chase championships says O'Neal

LeBron James is already among the greatest regardless of title wins Shaquille O'Neal

When James returned to Cleveland in 2014, he stated that he was going to be a Cavalier for the rest of his career.

The NBA culture is now cemented into rings - players now have more freedom than ever, but a lot of people have not warmed up to that quite yet.

The Cavaliers' run to the 2018 NBA Finals was orchestrated nearly singlehandedly by James, but it was not enough against the all-conquering Warriors, who have won three of the last four championships.

The Lakers icon wanted LeBron to know that he doesn't need to chase after another NBA Championship because his legacy as one of the greatest of all-time is already set with the achievements he's accomplished in his 15-year career.

Of course, were the Cavs to find a way to get Walker, smart money says they'd look to find a new home for Hill, who will be making $19 million next season.

My dad didn't take that too well and started ranting great facts about the city of Houston, but I said, "Fool, you can talk about Houston as much as you want to, but LeBron can't hear us". He done already passed up legends; he done already made his mark - he has three rings. So I got four. That's probably his mentality now.

Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers could be a better alternative than the Lakers, thanks to James's relationship with Clippers front-office consultant Jerry West, who James calls "The Godfather".

Shaq added that no matter where LeBron goes, even if he stays in Cleveland, he's going to find it hard to win another title because of the roster which the Warriors have built. One of them could be Houston, with the Rockets looking for reinforcements following their Western Conference finals defeat at the hands of the Golden State Warriors.

"But it's going to be hard".

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