Apple´s App Store marks 10th anniversary

Windows 10 supports mobile-like Universal Windows Apps like Appy Text

Windows 10 supports mobile-like Universal Windows Apps like Appy Text

Apple's App Store turns 10 years old this week and it's hard to remember life before it launched. It was a splashy affair where Jobs showed off the phone, along with all of Apple's productivity apps - many of which are still on the iPhone today.

Speaking of the Android app, it'll set you back $1.99 on the Play Store.

For users on an iOS device, Pro Camera uses Apple's 3D Touch technology that turns the in-app shutter button in two a dual-stage shutter. In fact, many iOS users might be surprised that their iPhones' cameras are more powerful than they realize, with the ability to adjust shutter speed and ISO (manual controls are more apparent in Android phones). In his keynote, Jobs told the audience, "And so, you can write fantastic Web 2.0 and Ajax apps that look exactly and behave exactly like apps on the iPhone". Four months later though, Apple changed its policy to allow IAPs in free apps and games, which helped kick off whole the "freemium" revolution. The Moment app is also compatible with the Moment Original Photo Case and Moment Battery Photo Case, including support for the physical shutter button on the case. The number of available iPad apps triples in the space of three months. Our first game, Imangi, launched the day the App Store opened. It's also their first attempt at an Android app.

The iPhone changed everything when it was released a little over 10 years ago.

Google has been working on redesigns for many of its apps.

Gone is the blocky design that had graced the App Store for years: In its place came an App Store with a refined magazine-style aesthetic. According to Google's release notes, no other new features were included in the update. It was launched on July 10, 2008. It's grown exponentially to include apps not just for the iPhone and iPad, but for MacOS and Apple Watch as well.

"In its first decade, the App Store has surpassed all of our wildest expectations - from the innovative apps that developers have dreamed up, to the way customers have made apps part of their daily lives - and this is just the beginning", he said. App Annie, an app market data and insights firm, predicts more than 170 billion apps have been downloaded in the last eight years alone, representing more than $130 billion in customer spending.

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