Canada to assume command of new North Atlantic Treaty Organisation training mission in Iraq

Woman who accused Canadian PM Justin Trudeau of ‘groping,’ ‘inappropriate handling’ breaks silence

Canada To Lead NATO Training Mission In Iraq

The Prime Minister's Office said Trump and Trudeau "had a conversation on the margins of the meetings today about trade, including NAFTA".

While it was quite hot in Toronto during Trudeau's run on Thursday, the PM is no stranger to shirtless incidents, which the clothing company said may lead some to believe he is facing a shirt shortage.

The country's future contribution will include CF-18 fighter jets of the Royal Canadian Air Force as well as have a cybersecurity as well, in line with Canada's defence policy, Trudeau said.

But while he acknowledged the tensions between Canada and the US playing out in a trade dispute triggered by American tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, Trudeau said the USA remains a close friend and trading partner regardless of who is prime minister or president. He called the extended mission of Canadian troops in Latvia "a great present" that will contribute significantly to national security.

Canada assumes command of the mission, which will be led by an as yet unnamed Canadian major-general, for one year.

The 2018 NATO Summit took place in Belgium on Wednesday.

But critics have noted that even with the increase, Canadian defence spending will top out at 1.4 per cent of GDP, and it's unclear to what degree extending an existing mission will satisfy Trump's demands for Canada and others to put up more cash.

But any increases in military spending will not come as a result of pressure to do so from "people talking about a two per cent goal", he said when asked about Trump, but rather because of a desire to live up to the country's commitments to its military allies around the world.

Any extension in Latvia will nonetheless be welcomed by the country's government, which has turned to Canada and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation for support and reassurance in the face of Russia's recent attempts to flex its muscle and exert its influence across eastern Europe.

"This NATO mission in Iraq is about having mostly won the war against (the Islamic State group) and now is the time that it is absolutely essential to secure and to win the peace". "Are we contributing the kinds of resources and demonstrating the kind of commitment to the alliance that always needs to be there?'"

Canada is expected to spend an estimated 1.23 per cent of its GDP on defence in 2018 - down from 1.36 per cent past year, says the annual report, which looks at military investments for all member states.

In another show of resolve to Russian Federation, the leaders rubber-stamped a plan to ready a crisis response contingent that can be rapidly deployed — 30 battalions, 30 air squadrons and 30 battleships within 30 days.

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