Explosion heard near Cairo airport, flights unaffected

Explosion heard near Cairo airport, flights unaffected

Massive Explosion Reported Near Cairo Airport

However, some local residents say that flight operations have not been halted, and air-traffic-tracking website FlightRadar24 reports that Cairo's airport is still operating.

"Because of high temperature, one of the petrochemical vessels exploded", the spokesman said in a statement on Facebook.

A number of local tweets poured in with users claiming to have heard a loud explosion followed by the sounds of ambulances. At the time of writing, eight injuries have been recorded. No deaths have been reported. Security sources told Reuters that the blast appeared to have taken place at a fuel-storage facility.

According to State TV, the civil defense team has brought fire at Cairo fuel tanks near airport under control.

The ministry's spokesperson affirmed that the flights at the airport were not at all affected by the explosion.

While flights have not been affected, some witnesses described the vehicle traffic in and out of the airport as a "nightmare".

Though there isn't any official information yet, some speculate that the explosion could somehow be connected to clashes between ISIS and Egyptian security forces in the region. Check Aeronautics for new details as they emerge.

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