Flights canceled as Taiwan battens down for powerful typhoon

Taiwan spared as Typhoon Maria weakens

Typhoon Maria barrels into China after pounding Taiwan

Maria is forecast to bypass northern Taiwan before making landfall between Fuqing of Fujian Province and Cangnan of Zhejiang Province Wednesday morning, bringing gales, high waves and heavy rain, according to the China Meteorological Administration.

As Typhoon Maria continues to move inland it has steadily weakened and has now become a tropical storm.

While official statistics did not record any fatalities, local media reports said a man fell to his death when he was checking the windows at his home.

Typhoon Maria also caused the cancellation of 138 global flights and 170 domestic flights as schools and factories were closed on the island of 23 million people.

According to, some 3,500 people across the island were evacuated from areas prone to floods and landslides, with about 2,000 soldiers mobilized to help. However, it is not expected to fully dissipate until the weekend.

Television images showed trees felled overnight and blocking some roads in the mountains north of capital Taipei.

As of 9 a.m., 16,320 households were still without electricity, down from a peak of 48,828 households without power earlier that day, Taipower said. Past year more than 100 people were injured when Typhoon Nesat battered the island, causing flooding and widespread power outages.

Fujian's flood control office estimated the storm inflicted 547 million yuan (US$82 million) in economic losses on the province, including 76 million yuan in damage to water infrastructure, state-run news agency Xinhua reported.

Weather warnings were also issued in Japan's southernmost region on Wednesday as the storm passed through Okinawa, but no major damage was reported.

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