Ford government outlines short-term priorities for rare summer session

Area MPP leading Tory rollback of Ontario sex-ed curriculum

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In the speech, the government said it would be scrapping the carbon cap and trade system in Ontario, to applause.

The throne speech recommits the Ford government to its key election promises, including reducing gas prices and hydro bills.

The speech - written by the premier's office and read by Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Dowdeswell at the Ontario legislature - set out a road map for the majority Tory government's term, pledging to cut taxes, provide long-term funding for the health-care system and slash government waste.

Ontario's Government for the People is opening Parliament to take action to protect students and lower electricity bills.

At the cabinet's swearing-in ceremony last month, Ford and Finance Minister Vic Fedeli both promised a line-by-line audit of the previous government's spending.

The Tories will also move to end the strike at York University that has been underway since March by introducing back-to-work legislation. The government announced Wednesday that schools would temporarily revert to an older version of the sex-ed curriculum rather than the updated version brought in by the Liberals three years ago.

The premier also announced the immediate retirement of the CEO of Hydro One and the resignation of the utility's entire board of directors.

Cap and trade proceeds were to be used to pay for things like energy retrofits, but the program also added 4.3 cents to every litre of gasoline and about 5 cents to every litre of diesel fuel.

"For example, if you were a young black man in Scarborough, you will not be well treated by this government from the looks of this particular throne speech", NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said.

"I think that is particularly important for Guelph because we have so much clean innovation happening in Guelph", said Schreiner.

"Absolutely not, I'm here today, I'm taking questions", he said. "You won't be able to ensure that your kids are getting a good education".

The latest casualty of the decision to cancel cap and trade is the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program. "You can't just come in with a wrecking ball and take something down and then not build". "On the big question of how they were going to pay for everything without cutting jobs or services and balancing the budget, there's nothing".

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