Microsoft Improves Windows Notepad

Removed Skip Ahead Ring Option

Removed Skip Ahead Ring Option

Since its first release in 1985, when it was bundled in with Windows 1.0, very little has changed about Microsoft's plain-text editor Notepad, but the software giant has recently announced the first tweaks to the utility in years.

Today is Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of the month, when Microsoft releases updates for all supported versions of Windows. It has rolled out a fresh Windows 10 Insider Preview Build that comes with Microsoft Edge improvements and Notepad improvements among other things.

Other than these, you will now have the ability to wrap around find and replace. Starting with this build, the company is introducing a feature called "Fast Sign-in" to enable users to sign in to a shared Windows 10 PC in a flash.

Extended line ending support has been added as well so that Unix/Linux and Macintosh line endings are supported in the app. One common complaint from programmers working in non-Windows coding language is that Notepad doesn't format line breaks properly, resulting in jumbled, messy text.

Now you can use the shortcut Ctrl + Backspace to delete the previous entire word quickly. Users are still free to disable the status bar if they choose to do so. Also, Notepad now also enables zoom-in of text, which can be accessed through View Zoom.

Microsoft's announcement explained that delta updates tended to have larger file sizes (around 300MB to 500MB) than express updates because the delta updates have "the full component (not just the individual files)".

When you use arrow keys, text is unselected first before the cursor is moved.

But while it's a useful collaboration tool, Microsoft knows not everyone will have a Surface device or a Windows 10 computer.

If you're on the oldest supported version of Windows, Windows 7 SP1 (or Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1), you'll get KB4338818.

It is practically an infinite Whiteboard where you can use pen, keyboard, mouse, and fingers to doodle, write, type, and what have you.

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