Pakistan police arrest Sharif's supporters to 'avoid violence'

Nawaz Sharif’s brother Shahbaz says it is painful to see PM Modi attending G20 summit

Convicted Sharifs return to face jail term

The former prime minister Nawaz Sharif warned on Tuesday that PML-N will not tolerate any kind of interference by any institution in the election.

He handed out seven-year imprisonment to the former premier's daughter Maryam Nawaz and a fine of £2 million.

They said one helicopter would be at Lahore airport, while the other would be in Islamabad, and the father-daughter duo would be arrested upon landing at either of the two airports.

The Anti-Riot Unit will be on alert, and the Dolphin Squad and the Police Response Unit will be deployed to sensitive areas of the city.

Sharif said he would not stop now regardless of whether he was "taken to prison or gallows". "This is the height of revenge", said Sharif.

Late on Wednesday night, police stormed workers" homes and took them into custody for 30 days to thwart the PML-N's "welcome' procession.

She said that despite all such tactics, the PML-N workers will reach the airport to give historic welcome to Sharif. The Election Commission of Pakistan must act and order release of our detained workers forthwith.

"Everyone is involved in this blatant rigging from the caretaker Punjab chief minister to the caretaker interior minister and police officials", the PML-N president asserted, as he warned the officials concerned of "fair judgement" if the PML-N is voted to power again.

The powerful army, which enjoys considerable influence over policy decisions in Pakistan, has ruled the country for much of its life since it gained independence 70 years ago.

Authorities have mobilised more than 10,000 police officers ahead of their arrival and plan to block roads with shipping containers to shut down the city of Lahore. "If I or my sons are arrested, then my daughters will lead the rally", he declared.

He said that he was returning "despite seeing a prison cell in front of him" and was saddened that he was leaving his wife behind on ventilator. We will have to change this.

Their return could shake up an election race marred by claims Pakistan's powerful military was skewing the contest in favour of ex-cricket hero Imran Khan. "This is my message to them that I am not the one who runs away", he said.

"Told my kids to be courageous in the face of oppression". She said that her family has faced more than 100 court appearances on "bogus" charges following the Panama Papers case.

While Junaid, on the other hand, has come forward that the PTI workers spat at him and even proceeded to attack him.

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