Autumn in the sale will be the blockchain-the HTC Exodus

While HTC revealed its plans to release the Exodus smartphone - a blockchain-focused device, CryptoKitties mobile debut will be on a mass-market device instead.

Prior to the product launch to market, HTC is partnering with the prolific blockchain title CryptoKitties, which not just limited to The Exodus, will come preloaded on a small number of the company's handsets, including the U12+.

In May this year HTC announced the HTC Exodus, the world's first blockchain powered smart phone with little detail.

Leading the development team at HTC Exodus is Phil Chen, the creator of HTC's Vive VR viewer, who said on the smartphone with blockchain: "In the new era of the Internet people are generally more aware of the value of their data, which is a flawless opportunity to allow users to regain their digital identity. With the release of the HTC Exodus we can now make this a reality". The game, which is built on blockchain technology, will allow you to collect, breed, and even sell one-of-a-kind creatures called CryptoKitties - in short, it's an experiment with blockchain gaming, and it could pull in some of the folks who are interested in blockchain but aren't insane about cryptocurrency.

More details of the Exodus are expected in the next few days. Its HTC phone will launch its blockchain smartphone later in 2018. It remains to be seen exactly how the connection to the rest of the system, which of course also has online access in the HTC Exodus, will look. "It is exciting to be the first to offer the opportunity to decentralize the Internet and reshape it in favor of the contemporary user ". Users are able to track the availability of rare digital assets through web pages that pull data from the blockchain.

When Chen announced the device back in March, he said: "We envision a phone where you own your own key, your own identity, and data, and your phone is the hub".

HTC is no longer among the top players in global smartphone shipments, but that doesn't mean the company has halted innovation.

In a Recent Interview of Phil Chen with Verge, mentioned that the Price would be somewhere similar to the World's first Blockchain Smartphone Finney (Created by Sirin Labs) which would cost around $1000.

What do you think of CryptoKitties being put on HTC devices? But the Taiwanese company seems to be believing in the cryptocurrencies as well as the blockchain, and it is about to launch a blockchain-based smartphone.

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