Roku's new $199 wireless speakers are made especially for Roku-powered TVs

Roku wants to grab audiophiles with its new wireless speakers for Roku TVs

Roku is going beyond TVs with its new wireless speakers

That's good, because the world needs more decent, affordable audio.

Roku's Wireless Speakers and Touch remote will begin shipping this October, and the company is running a deal leading up to the release. Once paired, they can stream any audio from the connected TV. They're also not very expensive, and are on sale from the get-go: If you order today, you'll pay just $150, about $50 off from the normal price. Then, from July 24 through October 15, the Roku TV Wireless Speakers will be available for $179.99. They also come with the new Roku Touch: a battery-powered voice remote control meant to sit on tabletops that features a press-and-hold design for voice commands, playback control buttons and programmable preset buttons.

Roku's new speakers give Netflix and chill a makeover - no cords attached. We haven't had the chance to hear Roku's new speakers in action, so we can not comment on quality yet, but the proper balance of audio quality and price will be key to the success of Roku's Wireless Speakers.

Like its competitors, Roku's Smart TVs, which are owned by one in four smart TV owners in the USA, according to the company, will sound better if you hook up dedicated speakers instead of just going with the built-in speakers.

The system uses "Automatic Volume Leveling" software, increasing the volume when there's quiet dialogue, then reducing the volume when there are noisy sound effects our loud commercials. So, for example, you could adjust the TV's volume if you're in the kitchen, or start a playlist from your home's entryway. The speaker set pairs wirelessly with Roku TVs via Roku Connect, and, thanks to built-in software that works with Roku OS, the speakers will sync up with whatever you're watching on the smart TV. It offers two preset buttons which can be used for Roku Entertainment Assistant voice commands, such as launching channels, starting playlists, or switching inputs.

They also come with a Bluetooth option that allows users to pair them with their computer or phone to play audio from those devices.

Roku wants to grab audiophiles with its new wireless speakers for Roku TVs

Roku is a registered trademark and Roku TV and Roku Touch are trademarks of Roku, the USA and in other countries. Insignia (Best Buys Brand) has also been part of the Roku TV mix, but that relationship was recently upended by an exclusive between Best Buy and Amazon.

Gadget makers are flocking to create smart speakers.

The speakers are a clever move by Roku on a couple of levels. Beginning October 16, the price will be $199.99.

The speaker will provide a hub for appliances via Apple's HomeKit system and establish a centre inside the home to lock people in to using other Apple services, according to the report.

As for existing remote controls, the ones with mics will upgrade to accommodate the new voice control capabilities, but won't have the RF technology that the speakers are built to respond to.

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