Corning Gorilla Glass 6 Announced, Features Multi-Drop Protection

Corning said the next generation Gorilla Glass will be on smartphones in the coming months which clearly indicates the next big launches might be wrapped in

Corning's new glass will let your smartphone survive multiple drops

With Gorilla Glass 6, the firm makes improvements over Gorilla Glass 5, offering not only the ability to withstand higher drops but also to survive multiple incidents.

"With both its aesthetic and performance advantages, glass is on the right side of the technology curve and will continue to be the material of choice for mobile consumer electronics", said Scott Forester, Division Vice President, Marketing and Innovation Products, Corning Gorilla Glass, in the statement.

Earlier versions of Gorilla Glass have been used on all previous iPhone models since Steve Jobs chose the company to provide screen covers in 2006.

To that end, Corning says that Gorilla Glass 6 can withstand 15 consecutive drops from a distance of 1-meter onto a rough surface without failing.

Corning today announced its latest generation of Gorilla Glass, and it's now tougher than ever. Under the same test conditions, competitive glass compositions did not survive the first drop.

"Gorilla Glass 6 is an entirely new glass composition that can be chemically strengthened to give it significantly higher levels of compression than is possible with Gorilla Glass 5".

According to a study, most people drop their phones 7 times a year and more than half of these drops are from the height of 1 metre and below.

The new glass cover is also created to work with newer technologies like thinner bezels and wireless charging. Phone makers can use Gorilla Glass and inkjet printing to achieve surprisingly convincing simulations of materials such as wood and snakeskin, not just visually, but also down to the texture.

Most mobile devices now sport Gorilla Glass due to its durability and scratch resistance.

Corning's Gorilla Glass 6 should arrive on the market in devices within the "next several months".

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