Google’s mega-helpful job search tool finally arrives in the United Kingdom

Google Search job hunt feature now available in the UK


Job seekers will be able to ask Google to find "jobs near me" by searching a job title and location (left). According to Google, approximately seventy-five per cent of all employers have a hard time filling positions with the right people.

The Google For Jobs service already exists in the US, Spain and parts of Africa, where the firm claims to have already connected millions of people to new job opportunities.

Today, more people are turning to Google to find information about their next role.

Google's job search feature is now live for job-hungry Google searchers in the U.K. The powerful job search tool has been helping connect jobseekers with employers in the US for a little over a year, and now netizens in the U.K. can search for new vocational opportunities straight from the Google Search homepage. If you type in "web dev jobs near me", for example, Google will show you web development jobs around your area.

Google's new tool shows you salary information, as well as the rating of the employer.

Even if you're not looking at the moment, you'll be able to save jobs that you like the sound of, or turn on notifications to hear about new jobs popping up based on your preferences.

Before one zero in on their new dream workplace, one often has to go through a lot of places.

If you don't want to apply straight away, you can save the listing for later.

Google's job search feature collects and organises job listings within its search engine.

According to Mashable, the service launched in the USA last June as a way of helping users find jobs using a number of search parameters, such as distance from home and when the position was uploaded. We're doing that through our Google Digital Garage program, which gives anyone free training in digital skills and products to help grow their career, business or confidence.

Biggins continues: "As the programme starts to ramp up in the United Kingdom, we're looking forward to seeing what the results are like and the feedback we'll receive from clients".

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