Shocking video shows cyclist fall through gap in drawbridge

NBC News Channel

NBC News Channel

Despite the warning barriers' red flashing lights, she weaved past the gate blocking access to the Wisconsin bridge.

A woman was rescued after she rode her bicycle around the lowered gates of a drawbridge and tumbled into the gap created as the bridge rose in Menasha, Wisconsin.

The video of a 37-year-old Wisconsin woman riding her bike into the open span on the Racine Street bridge on the Fourth of July is making national headlines.

The bridge operator was made aware of the incident and did not move the bridge span until everyone was off of the bridge, the Menasha Police Department said. This would explain why she managed to escape serious injury.

A woman has been treated for facial injuries after trying to ride her bike on a rising drawbridge in the United States.

The woman was cited for failure to obey a traffic signal, and taken to hospital for facial injuries sustained during her fall. They rush to her aide and manage to get her out just in time, while one of them is calling 911.

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