Trump says intends to run for president in 2020

I will not be derailed from my duty to deliver your democratic decision

I will not be derailed from my duty to deliver your democratic decision

Following the meeting, Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan boarded Air Force One at Stansted Airport in Essex to speak with the U.S. president and asked him about the Queen, Brexit and Kim Jong Un.

"We need to keep our eyes on the prize. I know them all and I don't see anybody". She's a very special person... when I say handsome - inside and out.

"Everyone thought it was going to be "Oh it's simple, we join or don't join, or let's see what happens", he said.

"I know there are some who have concerns about the "common rule book" for goods and the customs arrangements which we have proposed will underpin the new UK-EU free trade area".

Speaking of the 92-year-old Elizabeth, Trump was quoted as saying: "She is an incredible woman, she is so sharp, she is so attractive, when I say lovely - inside and out".

"She is so attractive, inside and out, she is a handsome woman".

"I did. She said it's a very - and she's right - it's a very complex problem, I think nobody had any idea how complex that was going to be". I met him a couple of times... The president was asked if the North Korean leader could be trusted.

He also praised May's rival, Boris Johnson, who quit last week as foreign secretary to protest May's Brexit plans. I'm not talking about 34, I'm talking about 34 additional.

Cher has criticised US President Donald Trump for his behaviour with the Queen during his visit to the UK. "That's a really good thing". "I go in with low expectations", Trump told CBS in Turnberry.

Trump's interview with Good Morning Britain was broadcast Monday. We're going to get it.

In an interview published in the Mail on Sunday, Trump said, "We would make a great deal with the United Kingdom because they have product that we like". Somebody said are you friends or enemies?

According to her, there are three options - May's deal, staying in the European Union or a clean break from Europe with no deal.

She said: "When you put yourself out there and you don't just complain and you get up and do something..."

"Well I fully intend to [run in 2020]".

When Piers added: "You fit?" The GMB presenter pressed: "But 2020 you gonna run?" "[Brexit] grasps the opportunities of an independent trade policy, freeing us to forge new trade deals with allies across the world - including America, where President Trump has made it clear he wants a trade deal and is now confident we will be able to do it", she wrote.

He said: 'I was walking up and I was saying [to Melania]: Can you imagine my mother seeing this scene?

In one of the rowdiest debates in parliament on Brexit so far, pro-EU Conservative lawmaker Anna Soubry said: "The only reason that the government has accepted these amendments is because it is frightened of somewhere in the region of 40 members of parliament, the hard no-deal Brexiteers, who should have been seen off a long time ago".

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