Queen Liz, Shady Binch, Wore An Obama Brooch During Trump's Visit

MAY 17 2012 Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II visits Liverpool Albert Dock during her Diamond Jubilee tour of Great Britain Liverpool England

Queen subtly snubs Donald Trump with fashion choice

The Queen wore her American State Visit brooch that was gifted to her by Trump's predecessor on the first day of the incumbent's visit but was not seen wearing it when she met the USA leader the following day. I really look forward to meeting her. When Donald Trump tried to use his infamous handshake technique, "forceful yanking motion that pulls whomever he is shaking hands with off-balance", on the Queen's Lady in Waiting, Virginia Ogilvy, Countess of Airlie, she was prepared, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Eagle-eyed fashion observers who keep track of the queen's purses, hats and other style choices read significance into three brooches she wore during Trump's stay.

Continuing the Twitter thread she explains: "It's called the Sapphire Jubillee Brooch, and it was given to the Queen of England as a gift for ruling for eleventy billion (okay, 65)".

In the days of the official visit of Donald trump to the United Kingdom on the streets of English cities were noisy protests against the policies of the American President.

She said: "Arrival day was the one that got the most attention". She wore a brooch the Obamas gave her.

"Jewel watchers almost died, because it is the brooch worn in the famous "Three Queens in Mourning" photo, worn by the Queen Mum". The two, who are next in line to rule, were apparently clear in the informal discussions leading up to Trump's four-day visit, which followed his controversial NATO Summit meetings, that they wanted no part in it.

Says Queen Elizabeth said, "Muslim refugees are dividing nationality, I fully agree with Donald Trump we should deport them to avoid bloody terrorist attacks".

What the blogger noticed was "she wore three brooches while she and Trump were both in town". Usually she is accompanied by somebody.

According to People, on Thursday, the day the president arrived, the queen wore a pin given to her by Michelle and Barack Obama during their state visit in 2011.

Her Majesty must have an plethora of brooches to choose from, and selecting the Obamas' gift mustn't have been an accident.

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