This is what the Samsung Galaxy Watch (Gear S4) could look like

Everything we've heard so far about the Galaxy Watch, the rumored Samsung smartwatch said to be coming next month

Samsung Galaxy Watch slated for August release date with Galaxy Note 9 according to sources

While the Galaxy Note has always been an anticipated smartphone, there is good chance that it could be the last in its series. Samsung is reportedly planning to release its latest smartwatch on 24 August, the same date the Galaxy Note 9 is set to debut to punters. Further it will also help the company save on its resources, used in designing and developing two separate line of flagship smartphones. This could be a combination of capitalizing on the Galaxy name as well as removing some potential confusion around the Gear branding that Samsung has been using for most devices that are not smartphones. Beside the S-Pen, there's not a lot of new features the Galaxy Note series has to offer.

In hindsight, there is not much difference between the current Galaxy S and Note series of smartphones. The Galaxy S10 will be launched somewhere around MWC 2019, and the rumors suggest the company to bring three variants of Samsung Galaxy S10.

The news comes from "sources in the electronics industry" speaking to Korean site The Bell, claiming that Samsung has been discussing this idea for the better part of a year.

Galaxy S9 and Note 8

The purported Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was spotted on Geekbench a few months ago. By the end of the year, the company is said to produce 100,000 units and 1 million units by next year. Given the advances rumoured to be coming to the S-Pen this year it also seems just as unlikely that it won't scrap the stylus altogether.

After we've seen patent filings for trademarks, logo hints and endless speculation regarding what software the next smartwatch will run, we now have another report, this time from ZDNet, which indicates the device will be unveiled on 9 August ahead of a full release on 24 August.

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