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A World Cup final to decide the Ballon d'Or?

'I get it, they have to say it's the French team.

'But look at those guys. He added that he knew the team was French, but "you don't get that tan hanging out in the South of France". In order to be French you have to erase everything that is African? Those people are French and p***** to always be reminded of their background.

Maduro nonetheless congratulated the team for the "beautiful" way they played and paid tribute to his ally and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for putting on "the best World Cup in the history of football".

"When they are unemployed, when they may commit a crime, or when they're considered unsavory, it's the African immigrants", Noah said. According to Vox, the line - "these are African players" - "means something very different when it's being said by a black comedian than by a racist French politician, and audiences are smart enough to understand why".

In one of his Between The Scenes clips, the presenter explained what happened which led to him getting "into a little bit of trouble with the French government".

Without any African country reaching the semi-finals of the Mundial ever and all falling short this year, Oliseh joined in the consolatory approach from fans across the continent in claiming their input in France's second World Cup triumph. "I don't take their French-ness away, but I don't think you need to take their African-ness away", he said. They claimed their love of France. They are French citizens.

What was perculiar and perhaps positive was that up until that point there was a distinct lack of talk about the origins of the French players in France itself.

"'As many players have already stated themselves, their parents may have come from another country but the great majority of them ... were born in France". So they've grown up in France'. Among them are two of the goal-scorers in the final against Crotia: Kylian Mbappé and Paul Pogba. Actually, Africa won - the African immigrants who have arrived in France.

Even former US President Barack Obama has waded into the row.

The Paris metro station Bercy was renamed "Bercy les Bleus" as a tribute to the French football team.

"Why can't they be both?" he said to applause.

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro weighed in on the discussion.

The France squad which is believed to be represented by many players who have their roots in Africa had 14 Africans in the whole team and six in the starting line-up.

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