Another strong quake hits Indonesia's Lombok

Gili islands The three tiny islands are located just off the coast of Lombok

Gili islands The three tiny islands are located just off the coast of Lombok

Another major natural disaster just hit the tourist island of Lombok in Indonesia, just four days after a massive magnitude-6.9 quake struck Lombok island on Sunday evening. After the 6.9 magnitude natural disaster in Lombok, Facebook users wrote "I hope people will survive".

It said it didn't have the potential to cause a tsunami.

TRT World spoke to Jack Hewson who is following the updates from capital, Jakarta. "I don't think people will choose Lombok anymore this summer".

Several agencies have been releasing higher death toll figures than the 131 announced on Wednesday by National Disaster Mitigation Agency, which has a coordinating role in disaster relief.

Officials and organisations including the military, the governor of the province that includes Lombok, the national search and rescue agency and the regent of North Lombok have issued different death tolls, ranging from 226 to 381. "It's hard to get used to", he said.

The quake comes at a time when Indonesia is preparing to host the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang.

Some villages had "completely collapsed", said a Red Cross official in Lombok, Christopher Rassi.

Villagers and relatives prayed outside a tent where the girl's body lay inside covered in a white cloth. 'There was no way to get her out'.

The Red Cross previously said aid was struggling to reach the northern parts of the island due to debris from the quake and the ongoing risk of landslides.

Tens of thousands of homes, businesses and mosques were levelled by the quake, which struck on Sunday as evening prayers were being said across the island.

Motorcycles parked on the street toppled over and the walls of some nearby buildings collapsed.

He said: "People are always saying they need water and tarps".

He said the agency has sent 20 water vehicles to five remote areas, including one village of about 1,200 households.

Aid begun trickling into some of the most isolated regions, officials said midday today, but many people displaced by the quake still lack basic supplies. There were too many other injured and dead. "I know stay in the evacuation spot", she said.

A July 29 quake on Lombok killed 16 people.

Indonesia sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and is regularly hit by earthquakes. Majority are not willing to stay in the building while they are undergoing (an) operation or after they have undergone (an) operation.

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