Arpaio speaks to toy doughnut in new Baron Cohen's show

Congressman still showing off bogus pro-Israel award from Sacha Baron Cohen

Disgraced Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told Sacha Baron Cohen he'd accept oral sex from Donald Trump

The video of the show appears to bolster those assertions.

"It's obvious Joe didn't fully understand Borat", campaign communications director Jennifer Lawrence said in the tweet.

Cohen has successfully tricked a number of government officials, mostly Republicans, as well as other politically-minded Americans for his new undercover series.

At that time, Arpaio said that he'd consider legal action against Cohen if the clip itself turned out to be unflattering or defamatory against him. Joe Arpaio is a bad person, but this is the best response any politician has had to Who Is America?

"I may have to say yes", Arpaio said.

The show also features Arpaio arguing with a plastic Shopkins toy - an anti-firearms "D'lish Doughnut".

"You have 43 guns?". "It's a risk I'm really glad that we took", Nevins told the Television Critics Association while promoting the upcoming lineup for Showtime, a unit of CBS Corp.

He also gives "Finnish" addresses to the camera throughout the segment, which are clearly gibberish. "I don't know what he's saying about America", Nevins admitted but, "He had me at hello".

"I started to get a little angry, a little sad, but I went through it", he said.

Arpaio - known as the "toughest sheriff in America" - told Breitbart News last month that he had been tricked into the Cohen interview. His aggressive tactics ultimately led to a criminal conviction after he violated a court order in a racial-profiling case. He was later convicted of the misdemeanor, but was spared a possible jail sentence when he was pardoned by President Donald Trump.

The former lawman announced in January that he meant to run for US Senate - though he might find his credibility rattled once again after being embarrassed by Baron Cohen.

Cohen also asked about Arpaio's staunch support of Trump, who famously pardoned the former sheriff previous year less than a month after he was convicted of criminal contempt.

The series, in which a disguised Cohen interviews subjects who do not realize they are working with a comedian, has featured a congressman supporting the idea of arming children as young as 3 to stop school shootings and former Vice President Dick Cheney signing a jug described as a "waterboarding kit".

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