Dota 2 : 'Artificial intelligence' makes a record by defeating human players

OpenAI Five Dota 2 gameplay

Watch OpenAI's Dota 2 bots square off against five top players live on Twitch today

The bot has around 10,000 hours of Dota 2 playtime, which it uses to formulate advanced strategies that pro teams employ, according to the OpenAI organization.

The humans did eventually manage to grab game three from the bots but the damage was done.

Prior to the Benchmark Game a team of volunteers for the audience played a public match against OpenAI Five. Despite the wealth of experience on the team, the humans could do little against the never-ending onslaught and precision of OpenAI, and they quickly lost in humiliating fashion.

After the game 1 draft, OpenAI Five predicted a 95% win probability, even though the matchup seemed about even to the human observers. The OpenAI Five are now headed to The International, a worldwide event later this month where the world's best Dota 2 players will battle it out for the chance to be crowned 2018's Dota 2 champions. We know that this is a machine that is tasked with being incredible at Dota 2 but you really need to see just how good it is to understand why my jaw is permanently on the floor. They rallied in the second game where they managed to take down at least one tower, before moving on to the third game where the human players managed to cinch a win.

In the first match, the AI steamrolled the humans in just 21 minutes. "You have imperfect information, you have team work, you have these exponential combinations of different heroes and items, and you have to be able to deal with all of that".

The tournament was a best of three but clearly designed for fun more than objective. OpenAI admitted however, that 1v1 matches have many less variables involved, making it easier for an AI to learn and master. Heroes in Dota 2 often interact in complex ways.

Just recently, OpenAI showed off that it's system was intelligent enough to face off against human opposition, learning and exploring the many complexities of Dota 2 at a rapid rate compared to the human mind. The Open AI bot went on to best other notable players including, SumaiL, and former world champion, Dendi.

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