Facebook Enters Financial Services Biz, But Not Without Controversy 08/08/2018

Messenger's new augmented reality games.                  Facebook

Messenger's new augmented reality games. Facebook

The games can be found in the latest version of the Messenger app by starting a video chat and tapping the star button. It also sees Facebook taking a leaf out of the book of many Asian messaging platforms, which have integrated a wide range of games and other services into apps that began life as simple chat services.

Just think: When your grandchildren ask you about the giddy heyday of augmented reality, you'll be able to tell them you flew through asteroids with your face.

Dubbed "Don't Smile" and "Asteroids Attack", both are determined to make speaking with those closest to you more engaging then ever. On Snapchat, you get to play an AR game on a snap and send that as a regular snap to your friends. Early this year the bank launched its chatbot on Messenger to interact with its customers, although the service is limited to promoting new offerings and excludes banking services.

The Journal's salacious headline said it all: "Facebook to Banks: Give Us Your Data, We'll Give You Our Users".

The games are fairly rudimentary, but highlight how Facebook is continuing to push forward with augmented reality as it experiments with new formats and experiences for its users, experiences that could lead to future monetisation opportunities as Facebook's revenue growth slows and its profits shrink.

"Asteroids Attack" will place a spaceship on the user's nose and will force them to move around in an effort to dodge falling space rocks. Open a new or existing video conversation or find the person or group of people you would like to chat with and tap the video icon on the upper right corner of the screen. After that, select the AR game you want to play and then you can spin up the AR title to play together.

There are multiple games available on the Video Chat.

But now the tech giant is adding games to the chat client to be played during video calls.

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