Blue Light From Smartphone, Computer Displays Can Accelerate Blindness

Blue Light From Your Phones and Laptops May Be Ruining Your Eyes New Study Reveals

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Apparently, blue light can cause blindness.

You may have heard that blue light that emits from phones and other electronics can disrupt your regular sleep patterns.

"We don't really at this point know what is the major cause".

The light waves of blue color in everyday life reflections from the computer monitors, smartphones and led lamps. Find us on Facebook too! Those findings led researchers from the University of Toledo to declare that staring at certain things like your cellphone screen actually "speeds blindness."

Scientists from the University of Toledo in the USA examined the role of a molecule within the retina called retinal.

"We are being exposed to blue light continuously, and the eye's cornea and lens can not block or reflect it", study author Dr Ajith Karunarathne said in a statement. Considering that the eyes are constantly exposed to blue light irradiation and it becomes the cause of death of photoreceptor cells in the retina that are responsible for light perception by the brain.

They found that when blue light is shone on the molecule, it triggers poisonous chemical reactions in photoreceptor cells.

The cells do not regenerate, so "when they're dead, they're dead for good", Ratnayake added.

Retinal - a substance formed by oxidation of vitamin A - changes and kills photoreceptor cells by dissolving some of their membranes.

In the study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, when the team introduced blue light to other cell types in the body, such as cancer cells, heart cells and neurons, they died as a result of the combination with retinal.

"No activity is sparked with green, yellow or red light", said Karunarathne. Dr Ajith Karunarathne, an assistant professor in the university's department of chemistry and biochemistry explained that this blue light is constantly affecting the cornea and the lens that can not block or reflect it.

"You need a continuous supply of retinal molecules if you want to see", researcher Ajith Karunarathne said in a press release.

Researchers discovered that a molecule and natural antioxidant called alpha-tocopherol stopped cells from dying but ultimately failed to provide protection to elderly suffers whose immune systems might have been surprised.

To protect your eyes from blue light, Karunarathne advises wearing sunglasses that can filter both UV and blue light outside, and to avoid looking at your cellphone or tablet in the dark.

"Every year more than two million new cases of age-related macular degeneration are reported in the United States", Karunarathne said.

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