Brad Pitt details millions spent supporting Angelina Jolie and kids

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She gave this as reasoning for why Jolie filed new papers on Monday to request Pitt "pay 50 percent of the children's expenses", which he has so far failed to do.

Jolie had said in a Tuesday court filing that Pitt had "paid no meaningful child support" since Jolie filed for divorce in September 2016.

Brad Pitt loaned Angelina Jolie $8 million to buy a home for her and their six children.

The document added that he loaned Jolie Pitt US$8m to buy her current home, and has paid over US$1.3m in bills for the benefit of Jolie Pitt and their six children.

It's not clear what child support arrangements the couple has in place during the divorce process after splitting two years ago.

The broadcaster blasted: "That's such a weak, cheap shot, Angelina - especially for a humanitarian who says she always puts her children first".

Pitt's lawyer, Lance Spiegel, slammed Jolie's claim in her filing, calling it "unnecessary, omits material information, and is a thinly veiled effort to manipulate media coverage".

What is also interesting is that Jolie would be required to publicize her financial details if she filed a child support claim. But that wasn't enough for Jolie, who is asking for even more money as their divorce remains unsettled. That is why most celebrities work out child support disagreements before they get to court.

The "Maleficent" actress said on Tuesday that she wanted to expedite the divorce and return to single status by the end of 2018. Neither side specified what those issues were. As of present, [he] has paid no meaningful child support since separation.

Brad Pitt was investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation over child abuse allegations involving his oldest child Maddox Chivan Jolie-Pitt.

Pitt's response said that a status conference that is already scheduled would serve the same goal.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been in the midst of a bitter divorce battle for almost two years now, and after all this time, they're no closer to settling things.

The court records show that in addition to the $8 million, Pitt gave Jolie over $1.3 million in just under two years. Jolie could receive money from back in 2004 but only if they signed an agreement.

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