Fox's Laura Ingraham Faces Backlash After Going on Racist Tirade

Laura Ingraham opens her show with a direct message to white nationalists

Laura Ingraham Racially Attacks Legal Immigration on Live TV

CNN's Chris Cuomo had a stern response to Laura Ingraham's comment on her show that in some parts of the country, "the America that we know and love doesn't exist anymore" due to demographic changes.

More than six of every 10 in that group, 62 percent, also believe that immigrants to the United States pose a threat to American culture. At CNN, for example, SE Cupp took Ingraham to task.

The prime-time personality responded to critics of her commentary that massive demographic changes that most Americans don't like have been forced upon the country by legal and illegal immigration. "That number should be higher", Cuomo argued.

Cuomo didn't shy away from the topic of illegal immigration, but argued that Ingraham's comments went beyond arguing against the means of illegal entry. "But they're saying something different".

Cuomo closed with a diss to Ingraham and President Donald Trump, "To turn a phrase back on our us versus them friend, is you don't like what America is, you leave", he said. "America does not need to become great again".

A day after the controversial segment, Ingraham returned to the air in an effort to clarify her position, saying that she doesn't support white supremacy and doesn't except the kudos of people like David Duke, calling his views "antithetical" to hers. "She's complaining that people who come to America from other countries-even legally-are making this country unrecognizable to her", and, more to the point, to Fox's largely white, older viewers.

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