Twitter Says InfoWars Did Violate Its Policy But Won't Ban It Yet

Twitter admits InfoWars violated its rules, but says it will remain on the platform

Report: Apple influenced Mark Zuckerberg's decision to ban InfoWars

Before the story published, Del Harvey, Twitter vice president for trust and safety, wrote in an email to employees that if any content like what got Jones banned elsewhere had appeared on Twitter, it would result in his suspension on their site as well.

Mr Dorsey was criticised after he said conspiracy theorist Jones had not violated Twitter rules through his content and it was the responsibility of journalists to hold the Infowars host to account.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took to the platform earlier this week to explain his Twitter's decision to keep Jones' accounts live despite his removal from other platforms including YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music. While Twitter required those tweets be deleted, the company can not use them as grounds to take further action against the accounts, the spokesperson said. "We'll enforce if he does".

On Thursday, though, almost two dozen Infowars tweets were deleted after CNN reported that up to 20 posts violated Twitter's rules. Some recent tweets did violate current rules. The tweets have been deleted, and CNN reports that on his Infowars show, Jones directed his staff to remove them to "take the super high road".

Twitter is one of the only major social media companies that has not scrubbed its platform of Jones or InfoWars in the last week. But before any action could take place, those tweets mysteriously disappeared - an action that Twitter denies having taken themselves, suggesting that Jones and InfoWars probably removed the posts themselves.

Now, even though it admits that is not the case, Twitter said that it would've asked for the offending tweets to be deleted, and that has already happened.

Among the tweets, CNN discovered were Sandy Hook conspiracy theories and tweets attacking Parkland shooting survivors. Facebook had previously removed some posts from the accounts, but additional "strikes" hadn't been publicly reported. Jones has repeatedly degraded individuals of the Muslim faith.

"After seeing the news, Mr. Zuckerberg sent a note to his team confirming his own decision: the strikes against Infowars and Mr. Jones would count individually, and the pages would come down", the report says.

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