Backlash follows the addition of a popular film Oscar

Oscars to create new award for popular movies, cut TV ceremony to three hours

Academy Announces Major Changes to Oscars 2020

Rob Lowe has slammed Oscars organisers for introducing a new "popular film" category. The academy said Wednesday it will hold the show earlier in the year to shorten the awards season and shorten the telecast of the ceremony to three hours.

The Oscars are adding a "popular film" category and shortening the broadcast to a maximum three hours in 2019. "That's what the Teen Choice Awards are for".

In an attempt to save Oscar ratings, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced a series of new changes and additions that haven't sat quite well with the industry.

"How can the Academy define what's "popular"?" The Academy announced a new award Wednesday for outstanding achievement in popular film.

When comedian Jimmy Kimmel hosted this year's Oscars, he may have unwittingly foreshadowed the controversy when he joked that blockbuster movie "Black Panther" had been so successful it was already the favorite to not get nominated the next year. What those people, and the Academy, don't seem to realize is that something like Best Editing can be instrumental in making a character's performance and the overall story flow together so seamlessly.

This is the first in the last 17 years the change in the nominations.

A number of people online openly complained about the announcement, with many feeling it's a preemptive means to appease fans of blockbuster films like Black Panther while still not giving it full recognition.

The decision to create a special category for popular films sparked an immediate backlash, with one critic saying it smacked of desperation. It implies that popular films, no matter how masterful they can be, are not worth honoring, which is just disgusting, if I'm to speak plainly.

Although the 2018 Oscars hit an all-time low in TV ratings, it's worth noting that those numbers reflect a broader trend in live TV: the Super Bowl, the Grammys, the Emmys and the Olympics all reported declines in viewership this year.

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