FWC says red tide moving south not north

Florida sea cow manatees endangered

Sea cows are among animals being killed off by highly toxic algae

The latest stint of red tide started in October 2017 and has affected over 100 miles of coastline in Southwest Florida, leaving beaches - and tourist destinations - empty.

Florida's inland waters aren't free of contamination, either.

Brad Dalton, deputy press secretary in the Office of Communications at the Florida Department of Health, says the eye, nose and throat irritation typically goes away once a person leaves an area with red tide.

You can't see or taste red tide, so we looked for an answer by talking to local restaurants. Red tides can produce toxic chemicals, harmful to animals and humans alike, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Joyce suspects red tide is the cause of death.

Why? Because the government keeps track and tests shellfish for toxins.

Due to their unpredictability, scientists are trying to figure out how to find and forecast where the blooms will form so people have time to prepare for a red tide and its effects. She's happy to know Pinellas County beaches will likely not be impacted.

Moore believes the red tide entered through Longboat Pass on the south end of the Island. Unlike satellites, drones will be less impeded by cloud cover. We will continue to closely monitor this ongoing Red Tide event and its continued impacts here in SWFL, so stick with ABC7 for updates.

Please do not remove sawfish, marine turtles, manatees, dolphins or whales.

Tallahassee, Fla. (WJZ/CNN) - A toxic red tide has been plaguing Florida's gulf coast for nine months, and shows no signs of giving up.

No money or donations will be collected, according to the Facebook post: "We are locals that want our beaches back and to save marine life". At this time we don't fully understand the impact to snook populations; with additional funding support for fisheries research, Mote scientists and partners would have the opportunity to adapt population modeling to improve our understanding of how snook populations are faring. Why aren't state leaders asking for help?

The congressman turned to Mote recently for independent, objective expertise and science-based information as he championed the bipartisan effort for this critical appropriation that should help the US government take its rightful place in support of much-needed, improved red tide research and mitigation efforts at state and local levels.

Is Red Tide a recent phenomenon?

For now, he said, the short-term plan is to remove dead fish from beaches as quickly as possible, which they haven't had to do since the first wave of dead fish arrived on Manatee beaches August 5. Fish kills can be reported by calling 1-800-636-0511. She is also editor of the Boca Beacon's sister publication, Gasparilla Magazine. This year, she didn't.

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