Rockets' Morey: LeBron best ever by big margin

Los Angeles Lakers: 3 intriguing back-to-back sets for 2018-19 season

Daryl Morey: LeBron James Is Greatest Ever 'By A Bit Of A Big Margin'

But, he'll be playing alongside nearly an entirely different team next season.

"They're not Laker fans if they're not happy with LeBron joining the team".

It's a huge statement for Morey to make, especially given that Jordan was a flawless 6-0 in finals whereas James is now 3-6.

Before LeBron James signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, he also considered the Cleveland Cavaliers, Houston Rockets and Philadelphia 76ers in free agency.

The Lakers completely overhauled their roster this summer after LeBron James announced he was signing with them.

James will no doubt demand excellence from both Kuzma, Ball, and anyone that puts on a Lakers jersey next season. James has often been compared and contrasted to Bryant in a decade-long debate about the league's top player. Anybody that watched us play previous year, we were in a lot of games. That is more than enough time for him to eclipse just about everyone (including Michael Jordan and all time points leader Kareem Abdul Jabbar) in the scoring list.

And Love told Sports Illustrated that after he heard James was leaving for Los Angeles, he texted James to tell him that he loved him and appreciated him, and to wish him good luck. The LeBron James fans are going to point at his 8 straight Finals appearances, his ability to stuff the stat sheet, have an impact on every facet of the game and turn any National Basketball Association team into an instant title contender. He has been able to help build a strong young core of players with a great draft in 2017, which was his first as the President.

If that is the case, that James and the Lakers are willing to spend a year growing, it would be surprising, particularly with James in the back half of his prime.

"It's not just me working, they have to show up as well, so it's a big team thing and for the future, it's just sticking to that same formula". Luckily, we'll get to see plenty of them.

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